The persistent ridge of high pressure that has been giving us the unseasonably warm and dry weather has broken down… for now.  Any rain we did see with the first weak storm only measured trace amounts with a few places receiving up to .02 inches.  As discouraging as this may sound what this first storm did was set the stage for the next storm scheduled to arrive Wednesday and although everyone in the Northstate will see some form of precipitation some will come out with a lot more than others.

Our in house forecast model has been hinting at parts of the valley to experience shadowing meaning the mountains to the west will help prevent the valley from getting as much rain as they would like.  As of right now it looks like Redding and Red Bluff may see the worst amount of shadowing while Chico and Oroville may end up with more rain.  Bottom line, the valley is expected to pick between .25 to .50 inches of rain give or take depending on where you are.  The mountains should see somewhere between .50” to one inch of rain.  Snow levels will start off between 6000 and 7000 feet on Wednesday lowering to around 4000 feet by Thursday.  Keep in mind the rain estimates are just that, “estimates” and are only to be used as a general idea of what to expect out of this storm.

We’ll dry things out once again Friday and Saturday with a slight chance for a few light showers Saturday night into Sunday morning but I wouldn’t count on much if anything at all.

It looks like the ridge of high pressure will try to rebuild next week but it doesn’t look to be as strong as it has been which means a better chance for at least some of the stronger storms to penetrate it.  So at this point we’re not seeing much rain heading our way next week but at least the ridge won’t be as strong.