Sunny skies and gusty winds to start the work week.

Temperatures will cool slightly tomorrow as cooler air moves in from the north.  The mitigating factor will be the winds which, since they’re from the north, will be katabatic and therefore warmer than if there were no mountains.  Our highs will still be in the 70° range, but it will likely feel cooler because of the winds.  The rest of the week is warmer, but won’t be crazy warm and the winds will stick around as well.

From Tuesday onwards the weather evens out and will be generally around 75° (slightly cooler towards Chico more like 73°) with breezy winds.  Temperatures won’t move very far from there and the winds won’t really subside until Saturday.  In addition we’ll be under a somewhat dirty ridge, meaning high level clouds won’t ever really leave us alone.  They’ll never be thick enough to fully obscure the sun, but they’ll be visible enough to make the sky look pretty.

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